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Mission and Vision

At The Mozzarella Trails, our mission is to serve as the ultimate resource for all things related to mozzarella. We aim to celebrate the art of mozzarella-making, showcase the rich history and culture surrounding this delectable cheese, and provide valuable insights and guidance to mozzarella enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Our vision is to create a vibrant platform that encourages and supports the growth and appreciation of mozzarella worldwide. We strive to uphold the highest standards of mozzarella excellence, while continuously exploring innovative ways to enhance the mozzarella experience for our community.


The Mozzarella Trails was founded in About Us with a deep passion for the quality, history, and artistry of mozzarella. Nancy Jones, our founder, had an unwavering love for cheese from a young age. Growing up in a family-owned dairy in Italy, she was exposed to the secrets of mozzarella-making and learned cherished techniques handed down through generations. Her experience, combined with a desire to educate and inspire others, laid the groundwork for The Mozzarella Trails.

Founder: Nancy Jones

Nancy Jones is a renowned mozzarella expert with over About Us years of experience in the industry. Her tireless commitment to promoting the art of mozzarella-making and sharing her knowledge has earned her accolades and recognition from cheese connoisseurs worldwide. As the driving force behind The Mozzarella Trails, Nancy is dedicated to ensuring that our content is authoritative, accurate, and always ahead of the curve.

Website Objective

The creation of The Mozzarella Trails website was driven by a desire to broaden the reach of mozzarella aficionados and professionals across the globe. Our objective is to consolidate and compile a vast range of mozzarella-related information, from recipes and techniques to historical anecdotes and news. By creating a comprehensive and reliable resource, we aim to become the go-to platform for anyone seeking expertise or inspiration in the mozzarella realm.

Target Audience

The primary audience we cater to is a diverse community of mozzarella enthusiasts, both amateur and professional, who share a profound love and curiosity for everything mozzarella. Our content is tailored to provide value, whether you are looking to improve your mozzarella-making skills, explore different flavor profiles, or stay informed about the latest trends in the industry. We take pride in creating content accessible to all levels of expertise, from beginners to accomplished cheesemakers.

Unique Value and Expertise

What sets The Mozzarella Trails apart is the unparalleled dedication and expertise that our team of experienced editors and members bring to the table. Comprising a combination of seasoned mozzarella makers, culinary experts, and industry professionals, our team ensures that every piece of content is meticulously crafted, credible, and offers an exceptional level of insight.

By collaborating with top producers, artisans, and industry leaders, we continually push the boundaries of mozzarella knowledge, showcasing the cutting-edge developments, innovations, and timeless traditions that make mozzarella so special. Combined with our commitment to accuracy, we strive to provide inspiration, education, and a constantly evolving perspective to our valued community.

By blending tradition and innovation, The Mozzarella Trails embraces its responsibility to contribute to the cultural heritage of mozzarella while nurturing a space for exploration and collaboration. Join us on this captivating journey of flavors, history, and secrets as we continue to unveil the wonders of mozzarella to the world.

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